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In the Loop- Put Your Home in Our Hands

Building, remodeling or renovating can be an exciting and challenging experience. It helps to have a company with the experience, resources and drive for excellence on your side. At J.E.P. Contracting, Inc. we provide professional and complete customer satisfaction from inception to completion. We strive to keep ourselves informed with the newest and innovative ideas in the building industry. This is why we at J.E.P. Contracting, Inc., would like to introduce to you Westchester Modular Home, Inc. They pride themselves in being among the first to think outside the “Modular Box” giving customers design and limitless options.

Westchester Modular Home, Inc., headquarter in Wingdale, NY, was founded in 1986 by two prominent New York builder-developers, Charles W. Hatcher and Thomas F. Flood III. Their philosophy is simple, but effective customize the home and give the customer what they want not what the builder thinks the customer wants. We at J.E.P. live by this philosophy and that is why we want to offer you the best and Westchester Modular Home, Inc., is among the best in this field. There are many benefits in having a Westchester Modular home. The first would be their use of the latest computer technology, featuring a fully CAD automated engineering department which allows Westchester builders the ability to modify an existing Westchester design or create a totally new custom design before the order is sent to the factory. And another benefit would be Westchester homes are backed by a 10-year written warranty on all modular components. Westchester Modular Home, Inc., strives to give the best to their customers.

Westchester homes are marketed through a builder network in New England, New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, so this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Remember J.E.P. can be there for you from inception to completion. Our services include design, building, renovating, and remodeling no job is to small or to big.