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Lead Carpenter Job Description:

The Lead Carpenter is responsible for the successful management of the job site, which includes being on time, on budget, and maintain a high level of quality. In addition to being an excellent framing and finishing carpenter, he or she should exhibit good judgment, high ethical standards, good oral and written communication skills, have strong leadership abilities and the ability to work independently.  High performance and customer service is J.E.P. Contracting, Inc. standard and is expected of all our employees. The ideal lead carpenter is assertive, organized and considerate to all co-workers, subcontractors, vendors and clients.


  • Attend all pre-construction & job site meetings with production & sales
  • Attend all production and staff meetings
  • Installing and maintaining a company job sign in the front of the job
  • Installing all dust, safety, and security protections before any work is started on the project
  • Responsible for the care & maintenance of all company tools & property while on site
  • Carpentry labor
    • Responsible for the workmanship quality of all work performed on site by carpenters, apprentices, subcontractors
    • Proper installation according to any instructions on products that we install and or warranty


  • Constant communication with the customer and be proactive on any issues that may arise
  • Conducting a once a week site meeting with the client, Production/Sales Manager  for review of job progress

Change Orders:

  • Not performing any work not in the contract unless authorized by a signed change order
  • Writing and presenting change orders within 48 hours
  • Prepare cost estimates for change orders

Maintenance of Job site paperwork

  • Completing the Daily Job log at the end of everyday
  • Completing all onsite employee time punches at the end of every day for accuracy
  • Completing the daily schedule/todo form at the end of everyday
  • Submitting all receipts of purchases or delivered items every Wednesday

Safety: Adhering to J.E.P. Contracting safety manual, and OSHA regulations at the job site

  • Protecting the client’s property while working on the job site from theft, damage or weather related loss
  • Protecting any items that will be re-used and cannot be removed from construction area
  • Removing all re-usable material off site or a safe location when allowed
  • Maintaining site cleanliness to J.E.P. Contracting standards and beyond
  • Enforcing all company policies regarding safety, foul language, drug, drinking and smoking
  • As stated by OSHA you will be know as the competent man on the job site it will be your responsibility to know where a copy of our safety manual is at all times

Schedule: Implementation of the developed construction schedule for the job site

  • Coordinate with all employees, subcontractors and vendors on site
  • Developing a daily plan of action prior to the day needed and the communication of it to all employee’s and subcontractors as needed.


  • Providing information/scope of work concerning the job before they arrive to facilitate a smooth beginning once they arrive
    • Scope of work documents, plans, specific specifications  and schedule
  • Answering any questions they have on site to the best of their ability
  • Checking each subs work when they are finished to ensure completeness and conformance with their contract
  • Authorizing payment to subcontractor by the accounts payable


  • Knowing the process of getting an inspection in all jurisdictions in which we work.
  • Scheduling and monitoring the inspection of all phases of working including the final.
  • Be on site when the inspector arrives, accompanying them in the inspection, and dealing with any issues that arise.
  • Staying as current as possible on codes that affect your work.

Materials Management:  

  • Completing a material takeoff of all materials during the Planning Time for each job. List will specify the material, the amount, and the use
  • Communicate with supplier for quotes on list
  • Using the material list order materials in advance of need so that material are delivered to the site
  • Ordering the proper amount of materials to ensure that trips to the lumber yard during the working day are limited to one every two weeks
  • Receiving deliveries and on-site or off-site storage sign receipts, and check to ensure proper quantities and quality
  • Returning undamaged materials that cannot be used at the first available time
  • Storing materials in a way that reduces damage after they are delivered to the site
  • Checking the status of special orders at the beginning of each job. If they have not been ordered you are responsible for getting them ordered in enough time to ensure installation according to the schedule
  • Maintain an operational inventory of necessary tools, safety equipment, to perform specific activities


  • Assist in the hiring of new carpenters & apprentice carpenters
  • Assist in the evaluation processes for carpenters & apprentice carpenters
  • Assist as needed at Home Shows or other events

Requirements to be a Lead Carpenter:

  • 5-10 years of documented experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of remodeling
  • Strong ability to problem solve
  • Professional Appearance
  • Be able to read architectural drawings.
  • Must have and maintain construction supervisor license “CSL”
  • NARI certification “Lead Carpenter”
  • 10 hours of OSHA safety training
  • 12 hours a year of continued education
  • RRP Certification
  • Basic working knowledge of a computer I.E. e-mail and ability to learn new cloud based software

Annual review and performance evaluation criteria:

  • Producing projects on budget, on schedule, and at-or-above promised quality level
  • Maintaining excellent client relationships during the construction process and assuring a high level of client satisfaction
  • Thoroughness, accuracy and timely completion of required paperwork
  • Being proactive in improving production efficiencies and capabilities

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