""Put Your Home in Our Hands""

Celebrating 15 Years of Custom Homes and Additions

At J.E.P. Contracting Inc, we see design/build as the foundation of a successful construction project.

Design/build is a project delivery system in which one entity is responsible for both design and construction. We take this approach to all of our projects, from custom homes to renovations & additions.

Advantages of Design/Build
Design/build is appealing to homeowners for reasons such as these:

  • A true partnership: Design/build promotes the partnering of the general contractor and homeowner from the concept stage through construction. This allows us to better understand you and your expectations for your project.
  • Single-source accountability: With design/build, we alone are responsible for the quality of design and construction, sticking to the budget and meeting project deadlines. So whatever your questions or concerns, you can come straight to us.
  • Simplification: You deal with one firm only throughout your project. As a result, you don’t need to coordinate the efforts of a designer, general contractor and assorted trade subcontractors.
  • Time savings: Our design and construction specialists work closely together to complete their tasks concurrently, which usually compress the timeframe for project completion.
    Client satisfaction: All of the above factors contribute to a more successful and satisfying project — for you and us.

Custom Homes
At J.E.P. Contracting Inc, we believe the home building process should be easy and exciting for you, regardless of design complexity. To accomplish this, we become your single contracting source offering a complete range of services beginning with project consultation to ensure we meet your expectations right from the start. We also provide all the site planning, zoning and code management/adherence along with the design/build.

Homes of this standard are meant for a lifetime of enjoyment, and built just that way — for a lifetime. That’s why we use only the finest building materials available and critically select our sub-contractor network. This helps assure impeccable detailing and timely completion.

Your home is your refuge. It’s your place to wind down, to be yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It represents and reflects your tastes, your desires, and your character. That’s why the builder of your home is so important. They become the mirror reflecting all that you’d like your home to become. Not just any builder can do that, rather it requires a builder who really cares about how you live and how they build.

Whole House Renovations
A family’s largest, single investment is their home. You love your neighborhood, but since you first bought your home your needs have changed. It seems like every room needs more attention than moving furniture around.

Sometimes, instead of doing one room at a time, it can be more efficient and economical, less time-consuming, to redo a major portion of your home in one larger project, or increase the square footage. Though the greater expense, an addition that extends the original footprint also extends all the options. The addition or renovation can have a second story, a basement, and any additional amenities a family might want to fulfill their immediate needs.

These decisions are difficult, but homeowners can take advantage of the expertise and skills of Patrick Perkins who is available for an in-home complimentary meeting to evaluate the pros and cons of a major renovation.

J.E.P. Contracting Inc is experienced and qualified in constructing and designing major home additions. We specializes in first floor additions such as kitchens, family room, in home office, in law, master suite etc. Second story additions may add dormers, bedrooms, master suites and much more to your home.

Kitchen remodeling
One of the most common home improvement projects is kitchen remodeling. When asked which room in their house they would most like to remodel, customer seem to choose the kitchen. And that’s a good choice, because kitchen remodeling has the highest average return on investment when selling your house.

At J.E.P. Contracting Inc we have transformed dull, drab, outdated kitchens into a variety of different styles. These styles range from smaller galley to large contemporary and country Kitchens.