""Put Your Home in Our Hands""

Celebrating 15 Years of Custom Homes and Additions

Andy Lind

“I want to tell you guys a few things I have been thinking about. I have been in the customer service business for over 30 years and I have come to find out there is a difference between just doing your job and actually enjoying the job you do. I have been watching you guys work since the start of my project and so far what I have seen are a bunch of guys who love what they do to the point it almost looks like fun to them.

I have had many people work for me over the years in way of employees and contract workers. I have never thought about sending a letter or an e-mail to any of them as I have never had the caliber of people as I have on this project […] Again I want to say in the 35 years I have been in customer service I have never written a letter to anyone. J.E.P. Contracting is the first.

I highly recommend you for any type of construction work and I am pretty sure I will be contacting you guys in the spring for my new Deck.”