What’s the Difference between Worcester General Contractors and a Design/Build Firm like J.E.P. Contracting?

One word: PROCESS.

Design/build is a more efficient process than what you’ll get from Worcester general contractors. With design/build, you have one point of contact managing the entire process—from design, to budgets, to the build itself. Communication is paramount every step of the way so that nothing falls through the cracks.

That said, my approach to the design/build process is a bit different from other Massachusetts design/build firms. When you hire J.E.P. Contracting, you get me, Patrick Perkins. I’m the owner, the designer, and the project manager.

At other design/build firms, the designer and project manager probably won’t be the same person (and definitely not the owner). I prefer being in control of the design and the project management. I “own” everything. (The buck stops here, as the saying goes.)

  • The Design/Build Methodology: A Closer Look

    Design/build is a project delivery system in which one entity is responsible for both design and construction—and everything that goes into managing and executing both, including budget and project timeline.

    I use this approach for all of my projects: custom homes, whole house renovations, additions, kitchen renovations, and insurance restorations.

  • Why Design/Build is a More Efficient Approach

    Did you know that over 80% of projects designs are never built? There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that the design exceeds the budget.

    Here’s the dirty secret no one likes to talk about: Design professionals are paid whether the project gets built or not. Architects’ and designers’ main source of income comes from the drawings, not the construction. So they’re not necessarily motivated to create a design that’s economically feasible.

    With the design/build process, on the other hand, you have one firm providing the design and construction. The design/build firm understands your budget and goals from the outset.

    At J.E.P., I’m proud to say that over 95% of my project designs get built. This is mainly because you know the budget before the designs are drawn and paid for. My main source of income comes from providing what you want: a completed project based on a design that you love AND that adheres to the budget.

  • What You Can Expect from J.E.P. Contracting’s Design/Build Process

    During the initial consultation, we typically get to know each other, and I learn more about the project you have in mind, your budget, and timeline.

    Here’s what you can expect should we decide to move forward together after the initial consultation.

    • We discuss your vision at great length. I ask lots and lots of questions, including how you plan to use the space now and in the future.
    • During the preliminary design phase, I develop a concept design to meet your needs. Once you accept the preliminary design, I develop a preliminary budget estimate to make sure it’s economically feasible.
    • You review and approve the budget estimate. From there, I proceed with design development and construction documents for your project.
    • Once the construction drawings are done, I’ll complete the contract budget for the project. Again, you’re aware of what’s going on every step of the way.
    • After acceptance of the contract amount, construction can begin. This can be equal parts exciting and stressful for homeowners. I work hard at making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
    • Throughout the construction process, I hold regular meetings with you. Together, we discuss the progress of construction and address any concerns.
    • As construction progresses, I coordinate the subcontractors’ work and scheduling. The goal is to make certain that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • How Technology Enhances the Design/Build Process

    My design/build process involves solid communication between you and me every step of the way, and I accomplish this by using the best technology.

    If we work together, we’ll use JobTread to communicate about all aspects of your project. Everything is in one place and easily accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone. Learn more about using the JobTread Customer Portal.

  • What are the Benefits of the Design/Build Approach?

    • A true partnership between you and me. Design/build promotes the partnering of the general contractor and homeowner from the concept stage through construction.
    • One point of contact and single-source accountability. I alone am responsible for the quality of the design and construction, budget management, and project deadlines. Whatever your questions or concerns, you can come straight to me.
    • Simplification of all processes. Because I manage everything, you don’t need to worry about coordinating a designer, general contractor, and assorted trade subcontractors.
    • Time savings. Thanks to the single-source approach to managing all aspects of design and construction, many tasks can happen concurrently, which usually compresses the timeframe for project completion.
    • Increased satisfaction. Everything outlined above contributes to a more successful and satisfying project—for you and me. Read what my happy design/build clients have to say.

Let‘s discuss your project and see if we’re a good fit.