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Maybe you’ve outgrown your space and you need to add on or build up. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about making changes to better reflect who you are, and how you live. Maybe that in-law apartment you and your spouse used to joke about is looking more and more like a necessity.

Whatever your goals are, my job is to turn those goals into an effective and economical design so I can build you a space that meets your needs today—and into the future.

A happy client talks about her home addition

“I cannot thank you enough for getting this thing rolling on time. My father and mother, as well as Michael and I, are too excited for words. My parents are like little kids picking out lights and cabinets and flooring. There is a sparkle in them that I have not seen for a long time. I think they realize that this is the right move for all of us.”
Karen Magnant

Deciding whether an addition is the right move for you? I can help.

A family’s largest, single investment is their home. Over time, though, it can seem like every room needs more attention (and you can only move around the furniture so many times).

Often, instead of remodeling one room at a time, it can be more efficient and economical—and less time-consuming—to redo a major portion of your home at once and/or increase the actual square footage via an addition. While extending the square footage increases the overall expense, it also increases all the options.

These decisions are difficult, but homeowners can take advantage of my expertise when we sit down and talk during my complimentary consultation. My approach is quite different from other home addition contractors in Worcester County.

Here’s a high-level overview of my design/build process for additions.

  • I begin by talking with you at great length

    I’ll answer your questions, learn about your vision and budget, assess your space, and share ideas.

  • Initial concepts and then a full-blown design come next

    The design will achieve your goals while adhering to your budget.

  • From there, I manage the entire build from start to finish

    This seamless continuity between designer and project manager ensures no (figurative) stone is left unturned and nothing falls through the cracks.

Take a deeper dive into
my design/build process.

I’d love to learn more about your project.