Don’t let just anyone install your Andersen windows and doors. Work with certified Andersen window installers like us.

Nothing says quality like Andersen windows and doors. But proper installation is critical if you want to get the most out of these products. Not everyone who installs Andersen windows and doors is certified to do so. And certification isn’t just granted to anyone.

J.E.P. Contracting is proud to be an official Andersen-certified contractor. Choose us, and rest assured we’ll do the job right.

A happy client talks about their experience with J.E.P. Contracting . . .

“Again, a project well done. The professionalism, attention to detail, and customer focus are just 3 of the reasons why we continue to use the services of Patrick.”
Christopher Bett

Why Andersen Windows and Doors?

Andersen windows and doors are synonymous with quality. They produce better light, security, and energy efficiency and increase the resale value of your home—provided they’ve been installed correctly, and they are, in fact, Andersen products. (Some customers have called us to replace their “Andersen” windows only to discover the windows are not Andersen.)

We love how well-built and sturdy Andersen windows and doors are. They have excellent hardware and a two-year limited installation warranty, provided you use a certified contractor like us. (And if you work with us, you’ll get our standard product warranty on top of that.)

Here’s a high-level overview of my approach to installing Andersen windows & doors.

Window installations are often part of larger construction projects. Learn more about my design/build process here. But if you’re simply looking for a straightforward installation of Andersen windows and doors, here’s what you can expect.

  • I begin by talking with you and looking at your existing windows and doors.

    Many factors can influence the installation. For example, a complete window replacement could affect the siding and interior trim. I make sure you understand your options and that we’re on the same page.

  • Then, I walk you through my process for replacing your windows and doors, step by step.

    The goal is to make sure you’re clear on what to expect from start to finish, including how I keep your home clean and what happens if I need to move any furniture.

  • I provide a budget and timeline.

    The budget and timeline address everything we discussed during the initial consultation, such as any required permits.

  • From there, I manage the installation of your Andersen windows and doors from start to finish.

    The specific training I went through to earn my Andersen certification guides me every step of the way. I also work closely with a local wholesaler, Lansing Building Products, to ensure you get your desired product.

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my design/build process.

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