Insurance Restoration Services You Can Count On & Trust

As a homeowner, you never think disaster is going to strike your house. That is, until it does. A tree through the roof. A flood. A fire. Mold. And suddenly, your life is turned upside down. Luckily, our insurance restoration services can help restore balance—and get you back into your home.

Licensed Restoration Insurance Contractor, At Your Service

When disaster strikes your home, you need someone in your corner ASAP—someone who can offer a sympathetic ear as well as expertise in navigating the insurance maze.

I’m that someone.

  • I interact with your insurance company on your behalf

    This is the primary difference between me and general contractors. I have the requisite licensing and negotiation skills to do insurance restoration work.

  • I restore your home to its original condition

    When it comes to insurance restoration services, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything beyond your deductible UNLESS you decide to upgrade or renovate the damaged space.

FAQs about Our Insurance Restoration Services

  • How soon after my home is damaged should I contact an insurance restoration company like yours?

    As soon as possible. I can help you through the negotiations with the insurance company. Call 508-865-4063.

  • How much will I pay out of pocket to get my home back to the way it was?

    You won’t pay anything beyond your deductible UNLESS you decide to upgrade or renovate the damaged space.

  • How much do your insurance restoration services cost?

    In the monies you receive from your insurance company, a portion is allocated for construction. Our fees are part of that construction budget.

  • Have you done this sort of work before? Are you licensed?

    Yes and yes. We’ve done this work quite a bit, from isolated tree damage up to entire home losses. The license I carry covers insurance restoration contract work. This work does require a special skillset, particularly when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies.

    Bottom line: You shouldn’t assume that general contractors (or even other design/build firms) have the necessary qualifications. Make sure you ask/clarify.

  • Will I be able to live in my home while the work is being done?

    It all depends on the type of damage—and the extent of the damage. This is something I’ll discuss with you at the outset.

  • If I can’t reside in my home while the work is being done, how long will it take before I can?

    Again, it all depends on the type of damage, the extent of the damage, and how extensive the repairs. For example, are we simply bringing the house back to its original condition, or are we doing renovations on top of that? I know this can be incredibly stressful. The good news is that the design/build methodology I follow involves a realistic and transparent timeline—one that we communicate on every step of the way.

Got more questions? Dealing with a damaged home? Get in touch ASAP and let me help.