""Put Your Home in Our Hands""

Celebrating 15 Years of Custom Homes and Additions

Design/Build Process

J.E.P. Contracting Inc works closely with you from the inception to determine your budgetary need in conjunction with your upcoming project requirements. During the preliminary design phase, a concept design is formulated to meet all your needs. Once a preliminary design is accepted, a preliminary budget estimate is provided to ensure that we are designing a project which meets your needs as economically as possible.

After review and approval of the budget estimate, we proceed with design development and construction documents for your project. Once the construction drawings are complete, we complete the contract budget for the project. After acceptance of the contract amount, construction can begin.

Throughout the construction process, regular meetings are held with you. These meetings serve to keep all parties informed of the progress of construction, as well as provide a time for voicing any concerns. As construction progresses, we coordinate the subcontractors’ work and scheduling to make certain that the project is completed on time and within budget.

According to schedule, construction is completed and the owner is able to occupy the project knowing that J.E.P. Contracting Inc will respond to any problems promptly and courteously.

Working with your designer’s plans
J.E.P. Contracting Inc will also work with your designer from inception or once you have completed drawings. Our initial meeting will be a time to share ideas on the project & determine your budget. We will assist you in writing the specifications that are required for the project. Once this process is complete we will put together a detailed proposal for the project. After we present the detail proposal, we then can start to make any necessary changes to get the proposal in line with the budget.



Take a look at this short video on how we utilize technology in our designs!